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About Me

Cheri Reed-Watt is currently a Director of Residential Services at a local non-profit agency in Rochester, NY, providing housing and services to people living with a mental health and/or substance use disorder.  During her 18+ year career in the field, she has had the opportunity to develop and lead many new and innovative programs; this has included creating high performing teams.  Cheri's passion, and what she considers key to her success, is building relationship with others first and foremost, in order to better assist them on their journey of becoming who they want to be. She believes in and lives by the saying, "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."

Cheri received her B.S. in Psychology from the University at Albany and her M.S. in Strategic Leadership from Roberts Wesleyan. She is also a 2019 graduate of United Way of Greater Rochester's Pride Leadership Development Program, and currently is a member of the Community Advisory Board for the University of Rochester's LGBTQ Health Initiative.

Cheri's Rock Bottom

June 9th, 1997 -  I met up with my dealer one last time to "cop" a couple bags of heroin before I got on a Greyhound bus that would take me to yet another 28 day inpatient stay.  I remember telling him where I was going and he just kind of laughed and said that he would see me soon. Truth be told, I wasn't sure he was wrong at that point. I didn't have a good track record and had made multiple attempts in the past only to relapse and continue on my downward spiral. I was labeled a "chronic relapser,"  and wasn't confident that anything would be different this time, but was tired and didn't have much to lose in my mind. I had lost everything, including my health, relationships, jobs, cars, apartments, etc., but most importantly I had lost myself. My world had become very small and consumed by the drug. Every waking moment was dedicated to not getting dope sick and doing whatever I needed to do to get the next fix.  I no longer recognized myself and couldn't tell the truth from a lie anymore. I was physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually bankrupt and I knew that if something didn't change I was going to die.


Rising from the Ashes - Cheri 2.0 

June 10th, 1997 - This day became my turning point, where I slowly started to rebuild my life and create a solid foundation. I had a long road ahead of me with a lot of hard truths to face. I spent 7 days in the detox unit and another 45 days on the inpatient unit. I was transferred to a long-term T.C. (therapeutic community) where I lived for the next 19 months.  My head finally started to clear and the realization of what my life had become started to sink in.  I made a promise to myself and my Higher Power that I would work hard, stay focused, and never settle in any area of my life again. That was over 23 years ago, and I'm still striving and thriving!  Life has by no means been perfect and there have been ups and downs, but through it all I continue to learn and grow, continuously working to create more evolved versions of myself.